Kimfo Family Office

Our goal is to preserve and increase the value of your assets for you and your next generations, fulfill your specific succession requirements and ensure that you maintain control over your wealth and assets.

We are your trusted, professional advisors, with more than 50 years of efficiently managing risk and global financial assets. We use our financial acumen to create suitable structures to better manage and increase the value of your assets by delivering the highest level of professional service to a select group of families.

Your family is unique which is why we create programs tailored to your specific needs and goals. We identify immediate and long term decisions that require attention.

Our services


Financial Investments

Real Estate Investments

High Tech Investments


Together, we build strategies and actively manage your family’s finances. As your trusted consultants, we can handle succession and a variety of family related challenges.

Then, we centralize the management of your assets, regularly providing detailed and consolidated reports. We manage short term risks and create a plan that is intended to achieve long term results.


KIMFO brings together two generations of the Kimche Family, David and his son Aviad. Together, they provide the comprehensive professional services that benefit all KIMFO clients.

David Kimche
Founder and President, David brings 50 years of international banking and global investment experience to KIMFO.

Aviad Kimche
Chief Investment Officer. Aviad brings 20 years of experience in global investing to KIMFO.


With KIMFO, you always remain in control of your assets. You set the level of engagement, and determine whether we continue working with your legal and accounting team, or engage our recommended professional advisors.


Our personal connections provide access to a wide range of financial institutions, which specialize in high net worth private banking services. We enable access to unique global investment funds that offer attractive investment opportunities.

Together, we’ll develop and implement programs that protect your assets and help optimize returns. We’ll ensure that your succession goals are met. We’ll help you maintain the lifestyle you want. At the end of the day, it really is all about you.


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